Mobile Time Entry

All from a smartphone, on-location workers see their daily schedule, the materials needed for the jobs, who else is working at the same locations, contact details, and location details. Optional details available for different tasks at the same jobsite.


When workers are nearing the jobsite, they can clock in from their phone. When finished at that location, they clock out. Travel option also available to track hours traveling between locations and/or to the office, store, etc. Managers can also see where the worker was when they clocked in or out.


Robust data dashboard where job managers can enter in jobs, customers, and employees. Create schedules, input a travel option, enter job notes and documents, and set the job clock radius. Special options also available for Union workers.

Pricing Plans

Out of the box, this time-tracking tool only costs $5.00 per month per user, plus $500 refundable setup fee. Much cheaper than paying for inaccurate hour reporting. Unlike other software tools, we love to customize and build features that you need to make your life easier.

This tool has saved us thousands of dollars in wages -- 


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easy to setup & easy to use $5/moper user *plus $500 setup fee Includes:
  • geofencing
  • scheduling
  • payroll reports
  • timesheet reports
  • unlimited customers
  • unlimited jobs


you dream it. we build it. Call to discuss your needsIncludes:
  • All Standard features
  • plus features designed just for you
  • customizations are scoped and quoted
  • software remains at $5/mo/user, all the time

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